Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 2

Handle with Care_Huggy Bears

March 25th & 26th, 17h -19h at Bears in the Park

Wormhole Studies #3: Flash/Dim

by Maggessi/Morusiewicz

In very simple terms, a wormhole is a hole in wood or fruit which is dug by insect larvae. It can also be a hole in a figurative sense, such as a productive digression that is both a detour and a forming destination. It can denote, for example, a process of navigating through digital space, of moving endlessly from one Internet page to another via hyperlinks. The laborious slowness underlying the above description collides with the speed that characterizes wormholes in literary, cinematic, and TV sci-fi narratives. Artist duo Maggessi/Morusiewicz combine all of these in Flash/Dim, the third installment in their ongoing performative series Wormhole Studies.

Guilherme Maggessi and Rafał Morusiewicz met through their shared interest in critical archival studies and practices, and are working to establish a collaborative artistic research practice that combines filmmaking, performance, curating, and writing. Through the use of design, found footage, sampling, and analog techniques such as stitching and silkscreening, the duo explores forms of creating archives and creating futures in extended and intimate ways.


by verena herterich & Oravin

Using the symbiotic interplay of body and sound, verena herterich & Oravin explore touch and narrative. The sonic concept of granular synthesis – a method for generating artificial sounds – is applied to body and space in a constant freezing and flowing of time. The artist duo experiments with the narrative potential of the interweaving of gestures, sound, words and space. A fragmentary narrative emerges from the gestural moment alone. Just as sound is broken down into its smallest individual parts in granular synthesis, time, space, body and narrative are repeatedly broken down into their smallest details and reassembled.

verena herterich is a mover, dancer and performer. She received her education at the MUK Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien and the AHK Amsterdam. In her artistic practice she deals with affective potentials, empathy, resonance and touch and their spatiality and directionality. Starting from “proprioception”, the structural orientation of movement, she approaches bodies and paraphrases “(collective) bodies” to explore community, contextualization and communication within systems.

Oravin is a sound artist with a background in literature and philosophy. His audiovisual text performances have been shown at international literary festivals and twice funded by a BKA START grant. His debut EP Eye, Iris was released in July 2021 on the Rest Now label. Most recently responsible for the sound branding of the German art festival FUTUR 21, Oravin explores narrative strategies in sound and text – an exploration now extended to the performative level of the body in collaboration.

The format

Handle with Care is a series of brut that offers insights into creative processes and new experimental formats. Here, artists can also try out works that are still in the making in front of an audience and receive feedback. This creates spaces for conversations and exchange of opinions

At Bears in the Park the series takes a turn towards our studios. Within imagetanz festival 2022 we offer an insight into Vienna’s young performance scene. This year’s Huggy Bears mentoring participants will show their most recent works. A foretaste of what will happen at their premieres at WUK in October 2022.

Admission: Pay as you wish

3G-rules apply!