Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 1

Handle with Care by Sara-Lisa Bals

March 19th & 20th, 15h -17h at Bears in the Park


by Sara-Lisa Bals

The performance POEMS DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO RHYME, YOU KNOW is the attempt to create a performative poetry book. The four poems are about a cowboy’s relationship with his horse, queerness, a visit to the bathhouse, and love. This immersive performance takes shape, in different tempos, chaotic and beautiful in a sensually captivating spatial installation on the threshold of theatrical space

For Handle with Care the rehearsal process for the third poem “I will fight you for seven days” will be open for visitors: A person recounts the incident when he cursed his neighbor for insulting his mother and vowed to fight him for seven days. What he eventually did. The mystical number 7, in so many days the world was created, a beginning and an end, a circle that closes.

A biblical poem in seven episodes about toxic images of masculinity, inner conflict, and fantasies of violence will be performed by the disabled actress Yuria Knoll.

Sara-Lisa Bals, born in 1993 in Vorarlberg, is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, space and media. A graduate of the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the classes of Stage and Film Design and Transmedia Art, she currently lives and works in Vienna.

The format

Handle with Care is a series of brut that offers insights into creative processes and new experimental formats. Here, artists can also try out works that are still in the making in front of an audience and receive feedback. This creates spaces for conversations and exchange of opinions

At Bears in the Park the series takes a turn towards our studios. Within imagetanz festival 2022 we offer an insight into Vienna’s young performance scene. This year’s Huggy Bears mentoring participants will show their most recent works. A foretaste of what will happen at their premieres at WUK in October 2022.

Admission: Pay as you wish

The studios and so the event are fully accessible by wheelchair.

3G-rules apply!