Huggy Bears mentoring program

Vienna-based artists now have a place and a programme where the different phases of a creation can be taken care of, embraced, and given a big hug. From research to rehearsal, from rehearsals to showings, and finally to premieres. To do so, we are now able to offer access to our studios 24/7 for about six months according the artist’s needs. Every year four to six projects are accompanied by our aptly named mentoring program “Huggy Bears”.

A six months long support that entails studio space as often as needed, workshops, master classes, artistic and administrative support, networking, regular feedback sessions, sharing/public showings, and finally premieres! under professional conditions.

This programme manages to place the artists on the artistic map of Vienna. Thus their names are out. So the public as well as the professionals can get in touch with the Bears.

Huggy Bears as a programme completes what already exists in terms of residency programs provided by Viennese institutions and festivals. We could not proceed without their support and understanding. Our aim is to enlarge, to publicise the performing arts. In these weird times of individualism, we believe that live art as a communal practice is more than ever necessary, relevant, vital, … You name it.

In a nutshell, we counsel, we organise, we hold workshops, face to face meetings in administration, production, technical and artistic matters, and finally show premieres with the great help and support from our network of partners in Vienna: WUK performing arts, co-production house brut and ImPulsTanz Festival.

This initiative was conceived by Caro Madl and Philippe Riéra.

They have been working in the performance field for over 30 years, and in the course of their practice experienced a great number of residency and support programs in Austria and abroad. Following a bottom-up strategy, they try to offer tailor-made working conditions for the benefit of the artists, the public, and consequently all citizens.