Quality Street

A series of short performances presented behind ground floor windows.

The action takes place behind windows, the audience sits down on the grass right in front of them. The rooms offer four to eight windows.

Five rooms running along a street, a street in a park without cars … Obviously a “Quality Street!” The audience sits on the grass, on sun loungers, and attends several short performances, chilling.

In one evening up to five artists or groups present a short performance of about 20’ behind windows.
The artists have a two days residency to check in, accommodate, and take the best of this location, displaying an excerpt of a previous work or a brand-new one that fits that very context.

Eligible are any artists engaging in time-based performance and/or new circus, choreography, theatre, stand-up, urban dances, pole dance, video, photography, digital art, music, …
Solo, duet, trio, up to five performers for the largest room.
Every program is presented twice, over two evenings.

Cat Jimenez (Contemporary Dance)
Ines and Christina (PoledanceVienna)
Alessio Maximilian Schroder (Photo performance)
Evandro Pedroni (Performance)

Curated by Caro Madl, Philippe Riéra, and/or guest curators.