Quality Street! June edition

Quality Street June

In June 2022 Bears in the Park invites interested people for a second round of  “Quality Street!” – a performance series behind windows. After a phenomenal first round in May, the windows of the studios in Kempelenpark will light up once more to reveal carefully curated performances.
The June edition of “Quality Street!” stands under the sign of music. In keeping with the hot summer nights, we will enjoy acts like the drumming duet GROSSeLIPUS and the jazzed tunes of Naïma Mazic & Golnar Shahyar. At the same time, Evandro Pedroni & Lau Lukkarila & Mzamo Nondlwana will take us into their performance world, and Pierre Emmanuel Finzi will attract us through the window into his video installation. Man and Bear can be curious!

Line Up

GROSSeLIPUS (Drums Groove Experimental)
Extreme electric vibrations meet improvised beats, intersecting with groovy liberating beats. The sound of master percussionists Igor Groß and Emanuel Lipuš breaks the shackles of genres and combines new music and drums into a trippy and danceable wall of sound. Their sound leaves no one on the edge of their seats but takes the audience on a journey into the immeasurable.

Naïma Mazic & Golnar Shahyar (Danced Jazztunes)
My Research Is A Jazz Tune.
♩ = Let Yourself Be Surprised By The Result
Mode: A Position Of Trust
ALBUM is a performance by one dancer, one musician, and a record player. The piece is based on jazztunes named after women or written by female jazz musicians. Since 2014 Naïma Mazić has been investigating a polyrhythmical communication and thinking between dancers and musicians, asking questions such as “What is Jazz-apprehension of time? How can a choreographic score be developed out of the form of a lead sheet?” At Quality Street the musician Golnar Shahyar and Naïma will perform together for the first time, making and sharing their own Album.

Evandro Pedroni & Lau Lukkarila & Mzamo Nondlwana (Performance)
“The Influenzers”
They come as The Influencers. In order to reflect on social media phenomena and some of its facets, they attempt to dive into an influencer’s experience. Live broadcasts. Merchandizing. TikTok Dances. Inspirational quotes and the risk of being loved or canceled by its followers. The documentation of failure becomes the 21st-century renaissance portraits. The words of fake gratitude flow like poems. Cheers to the superficial! Embrace all your personalities! Celebrate your filters! And most important, choose or not choose to believe in what you might see!
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Pierre Emmanuel Finzi (Video Installation)
Between the stiff Korean tradition of pouring Soju wine and the delights of excessive movements of bodies or feelings enabled through the monumental drinking, a space of truth and poetry pops up.

About Quality Street!

At “Quality Street!” the audience gathers outside, looking through a window inside a studio instead of standing or sitting in front of a stage. Ideally one is accompanied by a mild summer night’s breeze and a drink in one hand while each room will light up for 15-20 minutes revealing one of the very distinct performances of the evening.

General Info

June 24th & 25th at Bears in the Park, Kempelenpark, Vienna

Outdoor-Bar opens at 8pm

Performances start at 9pm

The entry is free. No prior registration is needed.

The park and all the facilities are accessible by wheelchair.

For more info and a peek into previous “Quality Street!” nights.