Close-Up Showing 8. November

On November 8th we are hosting two fantastic artists with work-in progress-showings. Imani Rameses and Lucia Rosenfeld are Vienna-based artists who are supported by our Close-Up Research Residency. They have been working in our studios on their current projects First Person Plural and because cracks tell stories. Now they are invitin the public ato their work-in-progress  showings on November 8th from 6pm. After each showing there will be a short feedback-session with the audience. There is no entrance fee, only bring curiosity.

First Person Plural

In her solo piece, First Person Plural, Imani Rameses takes a much too-long look at herself in the mirror inducing self-binding spells, recursive self-analysis, and unleashing neverending cascades of dichotomies. To get out of this absurd loop of looking, she invites you to journey with her into the mirrored images as she visits and revisits what one calls “one self”. Together, (you and me, she and them) we will attempt to contradict the polarties that prevent us from embracing the multiplicity of selves. First Person Plural is (you and I, her and they) our first attempt to enter a state of syzygy, the alignment of three celestial bodies.

because cracks tell stories

in-between-images appear that tell

stories of the past and the present

weaving through

a landscape of memories

.. ……. …… …… …. ….

……. .. … …. … … …….

……. …….

. ……… .. ……..

choreography and performance: lucia rosenfeld

dramaturgy and choreographic assistance: sebastian bechinger

thanks to: bears in the park, fabian faltin, laurent ziegler