Quality Street!

Two times a year the grounds at Kempelenpark transform into Quality Street - our performance series behind windows. While the audience gathers outside, performers bring our studios to live from the inside. Every ground floor window lights up one after the other to reveal one of the distinct performances only produced for this evening. The acts reach from highly elaborate dance performances to innovative music sessions, from multimedia installations to satire. For about 15 minutes each the audience is drawn into these unique worlds behind our studio windows. Hopefully, while enjoying a mild summer breeze with a cool drink in their hands from our bar.

The artists put great care in curating the windows, playing with this special stage. Every one of our previous Quality Streets has been a memorable event. The entry is always free of charge and we invite all interested people to come and join us for the next round (upcoming spring 2023). More so Quality Street! is an open format. If you have any suggestions or contributions concerning the format, please get in touch.

Curated by Charlotte Bastam, Philippe Riéra, and/or guest curators.

a performance series behind windows