Mediators & Partners

Outreach & Mediation

We are working towards an outreach and mediation with experts from performance and transdisciplinary art backgrounds. Furthermore, within our formats of Bears in the Park we are reaching out for long-term as well as for short-term artistic partnerships, i.e. including the Kretaviertel in Favoriten and the Kempelenpark. By that we support and include local initiatives and encourage artists to work on hither matters (architecture, social, architecture, ecological etc.). We also invite local experts and initiatives to contribute to artistic works. Thus we offer our spaces for connecting practices and experience to support innovative creative endeavors.


WUK performing arts makes art for the new Vienna, the Vienna that has experienced a broad international influx in recent years. Many artists supported by WUK come from an international context and have chosen Vienna as their centre of life. Each year the Huggy Bears artists are able to receive further valuable insights into the Viennese performance world through workshops at WUK. Moreover, their projects will culminate into a premiere performed each year in autumn at WUK.

brut Wien and HUGGY BEARS have been working together continuously since 2016 as part of the imagetanz festival. Each year in March, the HUGGY BEARS artists provide first insights into their projects in the frame of the brut series "Handle with care", where they open up their rehearsal and research processes and create space for dialogue and exchange during these informal studio visits.