Current Artists

Gudrun Schmidinger

Gudrun Schmidinger (she/her) is a Vienna born, Vienna/Glasgow based performance maker, performer, and political scientist. Her work is process-based and collaborative, converging at the meeting point of theatre, performance, and politics. In her work she often uses a variety of media and forms, including music, voice, written and spoken text, poetry, film, movement, and stories. Drawn to big questions about power, money, class and feminism, Gudrun believes that art is a way of making sense, a place to envision, to feel and grapple with the things that have no easy answers. Caring about people, communication and common ground, her work often uses comedy to spark more complex conversations. As co-director of Every Wednesday (2022) she received the The Avrom Greenbaum Players Award For Direction 2022. Gudrun holds a first class BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and a BA Political Science from the University of Vienna.

Jannis Neumann

Jannis Neumann, born in 1992, studied Fine Arts, Biology and Education in Gießen and Istanbul as well as Art&Science at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His practice reaches from performance to drawing, sculpture, installation and video. His broad interest in unraveling the complexity of natural phenomena, both inside and outside of the human realm, often lead him to interdisciplinary, queer and playful approaches. Reoccuring themes in his works are the relationships with nonhuman entities, the artistic exploration of their representation which is often shaped by an anthropocentric perspective as well as hybrid forms of being and zones of liminality and ambiguity in the human understanding.

Ariadne Randall

Ariadne Randall

Ariadne Randall is a composer and artist based in Vienna. Her work practices worldbuilding through transmedia narrative, making spaces for imagination in time, sound, and language. Her most recent  piece, Our Mouths Are Spring, is a stageless opera on love and commodities for voice and modular synthesizer. She holds degrees from Bard MFA and UCLA. She has performed widely as a musician from DIY spaces to Lincoln Center, and been a part of work featured in the BBC, CNN, Artforum, and elsewhere. She previously lived in New York City, where she was active in organizing underground venues, zines, and radio. This would be her first performance work.

Photo by Olivia Locher

Nina & Erla

Nina & ERLA

Born in the Caribbean, raised on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Nina is an architect and performer with a masters in Architecture from Universidad nacional de Ingeniería and a BA in contemporary dance education from Musik und Kunst Universität (MUK). Her work is moved by the urgency of artistic expression as a political action. Her approach is a close alliance between artwork and activism. Her practice focuses on the transmission of ancestral communal knowledge, this process aims to encourage and strengthen the connection within the community through socialization, touch and movement (collective dances).

ERLA (Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir) is an Icelandic composer, poet and vocal artist based in Vienna. Her practice centres around research of sound-based elements with language, music and visual art using extended vocal technique, syllable language and deconstructed poetry.

Both work in collaboration with Andrea Vezga, Daniela Hernandez and Myassa Kraitt.

Photo (Erla) by Ayham_Portraits5