Quality Street June

Quality Street! June edition

In June 2022 Bears in the Park invites interested people for a second round of  “Quality Street!” – a performance series behind windows. After a phenomenal first round in May, the windows of the studios in Kempelenpark will light up once more to reveal carefully curated performances. The June edition of “Quality Street!” stands under […]

Quality Street

Quality Street! May edition

An evening to remember: When it is slowly getting dark the audienceis assembling infront of the studios at Kempelenpark waiting for something to happen. A light goes on and there it is a performance, visible through a window. “Quality Street” is a performance series behind windows. Instead of standing or sitting infront of a stage, […]

Bear Workshop Fest

Bear Workshop Fest – 8th of May

In the spirit of shared creativity is more creativity we invite you to the 1st Bear Workshop Fest to get to know our recent artists in residence and their practices. Each of them will give a workshop or open practice which is inspired by their current work and/or experiences. Participants therefore can choose out of […]

OPEN HOUSE Kempelenpark

OPEN HOUSE Kempelenpark

On Friday, 22nd of April, Kempelenpark and Bears in the Park open their doors for the neighborhood and interested people to swing by and see what is happening here. At 3pm and at 5pm Bears in the Park offers guided tours through our studio space with a look into our current residents’ work. Info: Main […]

Handle with Care_Huggy Bears

Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 2

March 25th & 26th, 17h -19h at Bears in the Park Wormhole Studies #3: Flash/Dim by Maggessi/Morusiewicz In very simple terms, a wormhole is a hole in wood or fruit which is dug by insect larvae. It can also be a hole in a figurative sense, such as a productive digression that is both a […]

Handle with Care by Sara-Lisa Bals

Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 1

March 19th & 20th, 15h -17h at Bears in the Park POEMS DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO RHYME, YOU KNOW by Sara-Lisa Bals The performance POEMS DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO RHYME, YOU KNOW is the attempt to create a performative poetry book. The four poems are about a cowboy’s relationship with his horse, queerness, a visit […]