Several weeks long residencies

We offer our studios to performing and transdisciplinary artists who need time and space to fully concentrate on their current projects. Bears in the Park is set in an old office building in the 10th district of Vienna. Rather far away from the city's distractions, it gives you the opportunity to fully dive into your work practice.

Artists may be assigned a studio from 1 until 6 weeks depending on availability. The period of six weeks can be spread over the duration of 1 year if needed. As we are a platform that wants to support artists and that is aware of the struggle of finding rehearsal space all our residencies are free of charge.

As a contribution to the livelihood of the performing art scene in Vienna and our neighborhood, we ask all residents to give one free workshop in exchange for their studio time. In this way, we want to contribute to a circular economy of knowledge, sharing, and caring.

Furthermore, artist can always ask for dramaturgical advice. If artists have the wish to  get feedback or try out other ways, they can share a rehearsal also with Philippe and Charlotte.

How to join us

There is no official call for our residence program since we want to stay flexible and open to the needs of the performing art scene. Should you be interested, please contact us via e-mail. We will then set a date in our studio where you can tell us about your artistic project and your ideas and requirements for the time you want to spend in one of our studios. We will try then to come up with the best suitable support in terms of space and time.

Please note, that we cannot provide accommodation or further funding. However, we are determined to help you connect and support you with expertise. Often our artists-in-residence come back for one of our yearly events as performers.