Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 2 – 24./25. March

Handle with Care_Gudrun Schmidinger_Jannis Neumann_c_Gudrun Schmidinger_Jannis Neumann

Bears in the Park together with Handle with Care by brut Wien present two work-in-progress showings that are the yearly public launch for our Huggy Bears mentoring program artists.

Gudrun Schmidinger – My Favourite Things

Democracy: yay or nay? How can we organise our life together? Who’s got the power, who hasn’t? How can we cherishindividuals while prioritizing co-operation, community, and solidarity? Is political apathy a bourgeois privilege? Or: How can one create joy, courage, comfort, and connection? The performance My Favourite Things asks the audience all these questions and takes them along on a costume-heavy, banger blasting, persona packed journey. That’s because Gudrun Schmidinger loves funny shows and popular culture. And she just can’t stop asking questions.

Gudrun Schmidinger is a director and performer whose work moves at the intersection between theatre, performance, and politics. For her show „Every Wednesday“ she received the The Avrom Greenbaum Players Award For Direction 2022.



Jannis Neumann – neither fish nor meat

Fabulous creatures of the sea: The mermaid has a human torso and a fish-like lower body. The selkie can transform from human to seal. neither fish nor meat is an attempt to discard the typical images of the hybrid entity or temporary shapeshifting and replace them with a physical in-between: a creature that has both human limbs and seal fins. And along the way, Jannis Neumann questions the representation of maleness, animality, and gender.

Jannis Neumann is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Art Vienna and holds a degree in visual art, biology, and education studies from the University of Gießen, Germany. In his art, he focuses on performance, painting, and sculpture.


The format

Handle with Care is a series of brut that offers insights into creative processes and new experimental formats. Here, artists can also try out works that are still in the making in front of an audience and receive feedback. This creates spaces for conversations and exchange of opinions

At Bears in the Park the series takes a turn towards our studios. Within imagetanz festival 2023 we offer an insight into Vienna’s young performance scene. This year’s Huggy Bears mentoring participants will show their most recent works. A foretaste of what will happen at their premieres in autmn 2023.

Further Information

Both Work-in-progress showings will be held on March 24th and March 25th from 4-6pm.

at Bears in the Park

Admission: Pay as you wish

Our studios are fully accessible by wheelchair.