Huggy Bears in collaboration present: “The final Hug”

Throughout this year, the participants of the Huggy Bears mentoring program have been meeting monthly, sharing their practices, thoughts, music tastes, and stage expectations in the prospect of what resulted in the three very different performances presented two weeks ago at WUK within the HUGGY BEARS DAYS 2022. In another two weeks, the same group will come back together for their “Final Hug” at Bears in the Park, a joint experiment in contaminating, remixing, and sampling pieces, movement, sounds, and stories from one production onto another, and onto another.

Bears in the Park, along with the artists Sara-Lisa Bals, Maggessi/Morusiewicz, verena herterich, and Max Oravin, invite you to “Final Hug,” a moment of performative embrace, where two or more bodies, smells, hair (and a bit of sweat) get squished together, expressing their mutual affect and tenderness, and whispering silent words in each other’s ears in appreciation of the time and space that they shared throughout the past almost-year.

Thursday 24.11., from 8pm

@Bears in the Park
Admission is free.