Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 2

Handle with Care part 2

Also this year, our Huggy Bears artists are part of the imagetanz festival by brut. On two occasions (Part 1+2), the series “Handle with Care” offers each artist/collective the possibility to launch their work-in-progress publicly in Vienna. Right after their sharings, we will engage in a Q&A to spark new ideas and inspirations. This way, the event can generate valuable insights for the further developments of the artists’ projects until their premiere in November 2024.


Handle with Care PART 2 – 21.03 / 22.03, 17:30 -19:30h

MO-ZA-IK (Jamali Abale, Viviane Le Tanzmeister, Rosa Perl & Mátyás Kántor)  – “Elevate

In Elevate, MO-ZA-IK, a collective of passionate researchers and practitioners within House Dance Culture explore House Dance’s liberatory and healing aspects and delve into it’s communal, transcendental, and cultural dimensions which are rooted in the queer, Black underground community. Their vision is to create an immersive performance merging the physical dimensions of House Dance with healing through communal practices, emphasizing the significance of the Cypher. Through freestyle and intuitive movement exploration, discussions, and incorporating different audio elements, they seek to convey a collective and healing atmosphere, addressing the need for engagement in collectivist practices amidst political separation and pressing global issues.

Sebastijan Geč with Malika Fankha, Nikolaos Giannopoulos, Patrick Wally– “And they never looked back”

The performance delves into the experiences of two protagonists intertwined in a narrative exploring ghosting, haunting, and one’s transformation into a monster. It grapples with the realization of the inevitable and the necessity of confronting fear, both on and off-screen. Presented in two cinematic parts with intermissions, the audience is immersed in what is seen, heard, and felt, blurring the lines between reality and fiction for the characters and viewers alike. Confronting fear at its origin leads to the establishment of healthy boundaries, a crucial aspect for society.

<<<<All work-in-progress showings will be held at brut nordwest. The entrance is pay-as-you-can. Registration through the brut website.

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