Handle with Care feat. Huggy Bears Part 1

Handle with Care Part 1

Also this year, our Huggy Bears artists are part of the imagetanz festival by brut. On two occasions (Part 1+2), the series “Handle with Care” offers each artist/collective the possibility to launch their work-in-progress publicly in Vienna. Right after their sharings, we will engage in a Q&A to spark new ideas and inspirations. This way, the event can generate valuable insights for the further developments of the artists’ projects until their premiere in November 2024.

Come and join us to see what our Huggy Bears 2024 are up to:

Handle with Care PART 1 – 09.03 / 10.03, 16 -18h

Helena Araújo: “and it gets better”

and it gets better is a work-in- progress by Helena Araújo that inhabits spaces between dance, theatre and performance. Set on a fake beach, the research gives a warm spotlight to the mental health of artists in the performance art world. Using humour, disobedience and cabaret flamboyance elements Helena exposes the everlasting rocky pressures of the art market along with her anxieties. To survive the industry waves she also tries to find beachy coping mechanisms. and it gets better challenges the underrepresentation of mental health in the art world and addresses the impact of the art market on artists’ well-being.

Ale Bachlechner: “Crying and Lying”

Crying and lying are two activities with which you can reliably ruin your life. Strikingly, they are often associated with femininity. Tightly interlacing live performance and prerecorded video Ale admits publicly to her strong craving for a satisfying narrative and captivating dramaturgy of life. The concept of a hopefully quick, linear and progressive succession of milestones in your so called private life and career is countered by the figure of the queer late bloomer who hits those milestones late, in the wrong order or never.

<<<<All work-in-progress showings will be held at brut nordwest. The entrance is pay-as-you-can. Registration through the brut website.

<<<<More information about the artists you can find on our website.

<<<<Language: English