Huggy Bears at KOBO Art Space Zürich

Take 2

The Huggy Bears were invited to perform at TAKE II Festival at KOBO Art Space in Zurich. On Saturday, 9.12 Gudrun Schmidinger, Jannis Neumann, Ariadne Randall and The Needles showed excerpts from ther recently premiered shows. This was a wonderful opportunity for the artists to transform and rework their individual performances into one fluid piece. More so, the unique space of the off-space - which is not a theater but a gallery - gave them new opportunities to think and perform their work differently. And so they did!

The bears had a wonderful evening with a great audience and enjoyed getting to know other art makers and producers in Zurich. Foremost of course the KOBO Art space Team themselves. The festival was curated by Viviane Mathis and Gaël Sapin. We owe them a big thank you for such a great time!

The guest performance was made possible through a Reise- and Tourneekostenzuschuss from BMKÖS.