Otto Wagner Wandering Wonders

Otto Wagner Wandering Wonders

We had a fantastic time at Otto Wagner’s Wandering Wonders on Sunday, 08. October. It was wonderful that so many people came around, although autumn came tumbling in with rain and wind. The curation and dramaturgy for this event was undertaken by Philippe Riéra from Bears in the Park. A big thank you goes out to and Jürgen Weißhäupl for producing and organizing this great event.

And of course our gratitude goes out to all the great artists making this evening very special!

Artists at Otto Wagner Wandering Wonders

Dance performance by Maria Mercedes @mariamercedes_______

DJ Malenciaga @malikafankha,

Fashion performance by @sebasgec & @bugaric_

Literature performance by Fabian Faltin @rederei_scharnstein

Stunts & Pompoms by @fearleaders_vienna,

Hip Hop and R’nB concert by Bex @bex.terslab

Photos by @eselat

This event was supported by Stadt Wien and BMKÖS