8. October: Otto Wagner Wandering Wonders

Otto Wagner Wandering Wonders

Together with unique Viennese and international artists, the dramaturge and curator Philippe Riéra explores the multifaceted world of Otto Wagner. He created an outdoor parcours with different stations from dance, performance, music, concert, fashion and more and thus integrates the audience into a work of art in the Otto Wagner Areal. The event is produced by beamy.space: Kulturevents im Otto Wagner Areal under the direction of Jürgen Weishäupl.


16h: DJ Malenciaga+ Aperitiv – Pavillon 18
18h: Performance: Otto Wagner’s Wandering Wonders

Maria Mercedes – Dance

Maria Mercedes are a duo around Julia Maria Müllner and Camilla Mercedes Schielin. They are both living and working in Vienna. In their work, they encounter pop-culture-inspired choreographies and transpose them into bizarre settings. Their interest lies in fluctuating encounters between audience and performance at various locations, including rooftops, corridors, storage rooms, gardens or on stages.

Sebastijan Geč/Goran Bugaric – Fashion-Performance

Sebastian Geč will perform a unique fashion performance together with Goran Bugaric in the course of Otto Wangers Wandering Wonders. The custom designer Goran Bugaric, runs his own label BUGARIC since October 2012 in the “Schnittbogen”, in one of Vienna’s subway arches near Gumpendorfergürtel.

Fearleaders Vienna – Stunts & Pompoms

We are the male and non-binary fearleading squad of Vienna Roller Derby. With our beauty, grace and delicate style we bring joy and pleasure to the world of Roller Derby and beyond whilst tangling gender stereotypes when we hit the dancefloor. As Fearleaders Vienna we support gender diversity and emancipation. We subvert gender stereotypes by turning them upside down and expose ridiculous and in the same way toxic masculine behavior with overstatement and irony. Cheer diversity, fear nothing (but heteronormativity, bigotry and a lack of humor).

Fabian Faltin – Literature-Performance

Fabian Faltin is known for his performances, novels and as a gardener. His major works have been shown at Festival der Regionen, London National Theatre, brut, WUK, Beijing Fringe, Bears in the Park, and many more. He teaches writing and public speaking at Bruckner University Linz, and is currently running a speaker’s agency for Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024 – European Capital of Culture.

Bex – Hip Hop, R’n’B concert

BEX is a Ghanaian-born, up-and-coming artist from Vienna. Her path to music was rather unconventional, but that’s what makes her journey so eclectic. In 2021, she started working on her sound. From then on, she has paired her confidence and skills with the right amount of explicit content to allow her listeners to take a break from their reality to escape into her fantasy. Within a very short period of time, the young artist has created her own space to blossom. Vital were features on W1ZE’s EP “Down Low,” and on the Nono Punch-produced track “Bounce,” which entered Vienna’s FM4 charts and made it clear that BEX is one to watch in the coming years.

At Otto-Wagner-Areal, Baumgartner Höhe 1 Vienna
Pavilion 18

To get there by public transport take busline 47A, 48A until Penzing Klinik.

Entry is free!